Founded by an over-20-years-experienced team, Hoa Tam Technology Service Trading Company Limited (Hoa Tam Co.) is looking for long-term relationships in business by providing both reliable solutions for Food Processing and excellent equipment to its value customers, whose expectation and required standards can be assured since the first day of cooperation.

Sharing customer-oriented mind set with our partners, we will provide highly reliable and maintainable machinery in Foods and Pharmaceutical Industry, ranging from conveyors, stirring tanks, flavor mixing tumbler to slurry system, piled steel rack, blender, dryers …, which strictly comply with Food safety standards GMP, AIB and MESS (Machine and equipment safety system).

Customer’s experience at Hoa Tam Co. will be enriched by our enthusiastic, friendly and professional service. The combination of strong technical knowledge and business insights will allow us to bring about complete solutions in our offers by addressing related issues in financial, marketing, and product designing areas at customers’ will.